HamCo Love: Helping our community access pads, tampons, & more.

Mission Statement: We want to provide necessary period care products (pads, tampons, and underwear, etc.) to Hamilton County, IN residents.

Why is it important to have access to period products?

  1. When people don’t have access to products, they may improvise, using socks, wadded up toilet paper or paper towels, old clothing or rags, or even cotton balls.
  2. People without access to products may use pads or tampons longer than recommended to make them last, which is not healthy. This increases the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome or yeast/bacterial infections.
  3. Students with access to the products they need worry less about their periods during the day, increasing focus and educational outcomes. Without access to pads and tampons, some students miss school.
  4. There is a correlation between having access to products (and therefore a healthy, hygienic, and comfortable period) and mental health.
  5. Nationally, 2 out of 5 people report not being able to afford enough period products. Yes, this is a problem in Hamilton County.


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Tampons Distributed


Pads Distributed


Other Products* Distributed

*Other products may include menstrual cups, disposable underwear, cloth pads, post-partum items, and more


Want to donate?

There are many ways to help! Click on the link below to access our registries and for information on how to help! We are a 501(c)3 organization, EIN 86-1812995

Venmo: @HamCoLove

Are you an organization?

If you are interested in having your organization be in the rotation to receive products from HamCo Love, please fill out the survey below and we will be in touch.

“This [stocking period products] is a continual need and we can never have enough.”

“Thank you so much for thinking of this necessary item that is sometimes so difficult for our clients to keep in stock.”

“In the past we have used monetary donations to purchase pads and tampons from the store when we do not have donations to meet the need.   Having [an] organization donate these items would help us to focus those monetary donations on eggs/milk and a meat option for families.”