Menstruation Stations

Period stations: areas where students can readily access period products as they need throughout the day.

Some students are reluctant to ask a nurse or other school personnel for a pad or tampon if needed. The stations allow students to discreetly select what they need. Basic stations have pads, tampons, and possibly liners. It is good to vary the absorbencies/sizes of these items if possible.

More involved stations have underwear and leggings in case students bleed onto/through their clothes and need to change. Some offer additional hygiene items such as deodorant.

We are here to offer advice on setting one up, support throughout the process, and can provide pads, tampons, liners, underwear, and leggings to stock the stations!

It’s best to offer a variety of pads, tampons, and liners in different absorbencies/sizes (photo from Hamilton Heights Middle School media center station)

Inexpensive plastic bins work well. Leggings and underwear are good additions to the station in case the students bleed onto their clothes during the day. (photo from Hamilton Heights Middle School media center station)
Signage throughout the building (especially in restrooms) is important so students know where they can access products. (photo from Hamilton Heights Middle School media center station)
More information and examples can be found in this Edutopia article:
Progressive Education in Action: Ending Period Poverty for the Next Generation of Learners:
We believe that period supplies ARE school supplies, just as pencils or paper are school supplies. We are helping teachers provide items in their individual classrooms in the Fall of 2022.
Sarah Milianta-Laffin is a leader in this area. She posts frequently on twitter:

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